Woord en Daad – The Netherlands

Woord Daad

W&D is a Christian charitable relief organization based in The Netherlands and functions in more than 20 countries across the globe. W&D works with a budget close to 20 million Euros and works together with more than 30 partner organizations to provide aid and relief to the needy people. You can get more info about Woord en Daad at



RCOR is a UK based IT and Financial analysis team that provides customized work flow solutions for their clients in Financial, Insurance and other domains. RCOR provides software support systems to organizations with their business processes, administrative tasks, employee functions and several other organizational maintenances. Teknokraaft worked with them for developing software for automating the Insurance claim process. You can get more info about RCOR at

Triptility – USA


A US based Travel Technology Company providing an online calendar based Travel solution with Flights, Hotels and Cars verticals. They specialize in providing intelligent solutions to customers thereby reducing cost and time for the user and in the process providing him with very specialized results for his queries. Teknokraaft has been working with them using tools like QPX and Worldspan.



Belita is a Switzerland based group which specializes in Hotel and Property management solutions. They have tie up with lots of Hotels and properties in Switzerland and rest of Europe and provides best support and solutions for their clients who want to make bookings in those hotel and properties. Teknokraaft worked with them to create hotel booking and property management solutions. You can get more info about Belita at



Data_Bets is a Switzerland based company that specializes in providing intelligent data based reports from existing data sets. They create intuitive dashboards from the existing data tables so that users can make intelligent inferences and help them in making better decisions. Teknokraaft worked with them to create reports and dashboards based on the chosen databases.

Red een Kind – The Netherlands

Red een Kind

A Netherlands based Christian relief organization works in many parts of the world in supporting children and the needy. Help A Child is one of their important programs. Help A Child supports children in need, independent of their background, caste, colour, creed or gender. Along with this, Help A Child also cooperates with the Dutch organizations Woord & Daad, TEAR fund and ZOA-Vluchtelingenzorg. You can get more info about Red een Kind at

Reprographic Systems – UK

Reprographic Systems

A leading Reprographic supplier in UK and they own the ERP product Reproquo which is basically a total solution for the Reprographic Industry. Build with extensive knowledge of the domain, Reproquo provides functionalities like Customer invoicing, generating product and sales quotes etc. You can get more info about the company at

Word and Deed – Canada

Word and Deed

A partner organization of Woord en Daad - Holland, they partner with Christian Churches and organizations to provide humanitarian aid to developing countries - especially in North America. You can get more info about Word and Deed at

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