Online Survey Response Generator

Survey Response Generator

A tool for automating online survey responses and for checking the survey logic and storing the results. When companies design online surveys they need a credible tool to generate responses to go through the survey and click on all possible options, see if it breaks etc. User can set the tool for a set number of successful/unsuccessful attempts or for a set duration of time. The tool handles all kinds of message/pop-up windows in any language and text/numeric/range validations etc.

Software for Hajj Operators


Hajjpro is a software designed for Approved Hajj Operators. It takes care of all their needs from the registration of the applicant, assigning Mehram, assigning Hotels, Flights etc till the point of submitting the details of the applicant to the Saudi Arabian Embassy website for Hajj and getting the MOFA numbers.

Software for Airlines and Travel Agents


FlightPro is an application that can be used by Travel agents to analyze the fares of various Airlines operating in a particular sector and to enter the details about the enquiries so that they could be processed on a later date. A very user friendly interface helps the user to provide fares to enquiries at the click of a button.

Software for Restaurants


SpicySoft is a billing cum Stock management tool for Restaurant Operators. Facilities include KOT processing (Kitchen Order Ticket), Billing, Reports, Stock Management etc. Very user friendly and easy to operate it also provides you with the necessary reports to help you with your business.

Info Soft

Info Soft

A complete management tool for handling the operations of an education institution. Infosoft can be used to register new courses, payment reminders, fees, duration etc. It handles student registrations with ease and can generate reports in various formats and these reports can be exported to excel files etc. Users have the option to know what is the fee due in a particular month/ date range etc.

PNR Status Checker

PNR Status Checker

PNR Status Checker is a web application tool by which the agent can check for the status of a ticket from the respective Airline's website. The tool will connect with the Airline website in the background (without invoking Browser tools like IE or Netscape) and will let you know the status of the ticket without much delay.

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